Friday, September 21, 2012

Apple Learning Tour

Last week I headed along to the first ever Auckland Apple Learning Tour with four teachers from my school.  The format included a "keynote" introduction before splitting into two workshops and then coming together at the end for a final "keynote".

The four teachers are all trialling the use of iPod Touches and iPads in their classes so they were keen to get some practical ideas for their programmes.  I was more interested in the deployment and management of mobile devices.

We all came away with some new knowledge and overall were pleased we made the effort to attend.  It also gave us the opportunity to talk about issues we are grappling with as a school such as BYOD and how it would look for our community.  Possibly one of the most beneficial aspects of seminars such as this is the face-to-face time with like-minded educators and sharing what is happening in our schools.

The biggest surprise of the afternoon was no alcohol at the drinks and nibbles at the end - this caused a group gasp when it was announced in the lecture theatre!

My notes from the afternoon are here if you are interested.

A message to Apple - please do this again as we'll be there with bells on!


Allanah King said...

I am all set to use configurator at a school on forst day back next term.

Would love to phone a friend when I get stuck.

Belinda Johnston said...

Eek, this was a really complicated session so I'm not exactly looking forward to getting myself started! Been procrastinating ...