Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ICT Lead Teacher Workshop

It's that time again - the Eastnet ICT-PD Cluster lead teachers met today for a workshop at Shelly Park School. There are only six of us in the group now which is about half of our size during the cluster contract but what we lack in quantity we make up for in quality of content!

We started with our own mini smackdown and all shared a few cool tools, websites etc and had time to have a play. This was followed by a visit to some classes to see the layout of the school and some e-Learning in action. I led a session on RSS feeds and Google Reader which led onto other Google stuff including setting up an iGoogle page each!

In between all of that we have a yummy home baked morning tea courtesy of Ruth and a delicious lunch at Cafe Paris in Howick. As usual the highlights for me were the people and the conversations. We all share a love of ICT but more than that we also share similar challenges at our different schools and I really appreciate the opportunity to vent some stuff and know the others will empathise!

Over lunch we talked about how valuable we find these days even though they are only once a term and we have already planned the content for our final 2011 workshop which will be held at Elm Park School on 9 November:
  • Another smackdown - these are cool fun!
  • e-Portfolios - what do these look like at EPS and how do they work
  • Student Led Conferences - students will come and talk to us about what they will be doing at our upcoming conferences
  • Google apps - what is out there, who is using what and why
  • Set dates and topics for 2012
  • And our usual blogging session of course!!!!
Until the next one ....

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