Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ICT Lead Teacher Workshop

It's that time again - the Eastnet ICT-PD Cluster lead teachers met today for a workshop at Shelly Park School. There are only six of us in the group now which is about half of our size during the cluster contract but what we lack in quantity we make up for in quality of content!

We started with our own mini smackdown and all shared a few cool tools, websites etc and had time to have a play. This was followed by a visit to some classes to see the layout of the school and some e-Learning in action. I led a session on RSS feeds and Google Reader which led onto other Google stuff including setting up an iGoogle page each!

In between all of that we have a yummy home baked morning tea courtesy of Ruth and a delicious lunch at Cafe Paris in Howick. As usual the highlights for me were the people and the conversations. We all share a love of ICT but more than that we also share similar challenges at our different schools and I really appreciate the opportunity to vent some stuff and know the others will empathise!

Over lunch we talked about how valuable we find these days even though they are only once a term and we have already planned the content for our final 2011 workshop which will be held at Elm Park School on 9 November:
  • Another smackdown - these are cool fun!
  • e-Portfolios - what do these look like at EPS and how do they work
  • Student Led Conferences - students will come and talk to us about what they will be doing at our upcoming conferences
  • Google apps - what is out there, who is using what and why
  • Set dates and topics for 2012
  • And our usual blogging session of course!!!!
Until the next one ....

Saturday, August 6, 2011

EduCamp Auckland 2011

EduCampAKL 2011 wiki

Google Doc with notes

BJ notes below

Welcome by Claire Amos, EGGS
Second year of ICTPD contract with a focus on Moodle and Google Apps


Dorothy Burt, Pt England School
Teacher Dashboard

Sonia, Newmarket School
Titan Pad

Fiona Grant
Recent revamped, useful videos and resources for school. Some free, some subscription. Unlike online links - these are guaranteed to be available long term. Need to set up a login for your school.

Stuart Hale, Consultant
Mobile Technology -
QR codes in Education -
Augmented reality -

Tracy Tindle

Blair, Summerlands School
App costs about $4, can also download for Macs or PCs. Can set a folder to be a dropbox so photos shoot through as the photos are taken.

Robyn Wills, Mission Heights School
Screencasting. Uses it for ESOL, communicating with parents. Free version (5 mins movie), Pro programme available.

Jenny Green
Reviews of games earn points, free membership.

Cheryl Harvey, Team Solutions
Uses for embedding photographic evidence for teacher reflections.

Blair, Summerlands School
System preferences, language and text, text, +, - to replace errors automatically. Will work in any native Mac application.

Brian Edgar, Otahuhu College
Edmodo - likens it to FB for classes. Closed system for communication between teachers and students. Don't need email to sign up. Easy to use, students sign up themselves.

Creative commons music download for free, good for making movies with class.
Self organised learning environments. Uses laptops with 'must have' four kids per laptop.

Claire Amos, EGGS
Screencasting like Jing. Free version up to five minutes. Alternatives to "How to" sheets. Quick, easy, instant, embeddable. Plunder Claire's libra y if you wish -

Naketa Ikihele
Capturing stories from local whanau to enrich students.

Helen Prescott

Pete Hall, DP at Upper Harbour School
Download software and also synchronises in the cloud. Eg university assignments continually syncing when connected. Lets you use any file from any application and share the link for others to download.

Mary McQuoid
Focus on iPads in Education

Gerard, Papatoetoe High School
Geocaching - tell your kids to get lost!

Ksenia T, Point View School
Uses for instructional writing, ESOL, current events

Linda Lehrke, Sommerville Intermediate
Special needs students - using iPads. Have a purpose - Dan Pink. One student has own iPad and also one for the class. Purpose, mastery and automony = motivation.

Tabitha Roder

Margaret May

Linda Lehrke, Sommerville Intermediate
Real Player - download video from any computer.
Augmented reality - free download
iPhone Explorer -

Rachel Boyd, DP at Waiuku School
Good from Year 1 to secondary school. Can use existing games or create games. Initially focussed on sight words. Can be embedded. Free free free.

Lenva, DP at BBI
800 students into movie making and audio for e-Portfolios. Free storage is Divshare - 5GB. Every class has their own account. Embed code for copying and pasting. Lenva's wiki has over 1000 web 2.0 tools.

Stef, Student Teacher at Victoria University
Uses for distance learning - hastag for NZ/Australian teachers

Lynne Laburn, Pt View School
Used as a world trip with 5 and 6 year olds.

Steve Voisey, EGGS (music teacher)
Uses on iPad, iPhone, MacBook and every device he ever touches. Notes are geotagged with location of when the notes were taken. Audio recorded on Evernote is automatically in the cloud unlike iPhones.

Dorothy/Lenva - Teacher Dashboard
Individual student logins
Not limited to classes, can include syndicates, specialist groups etc.
Can have access to change students around themselves.
Google sites (e-Portfolios), blogs etc.
Teachers can see all classes but only see folders of own class.
Can have more than one teacher owning a class.
Hover over students for a summary - when last edited, can click directly on the link to be taken to the area that was updated. If using collaborative tools also shows who modified file.
At BBI e-Portfolios are focussed on 6 themes and key competencies.
Teacher can also see unshared files and trashed items.
Widgets can be dragged and dropped to reorder. Students of concern can be at the top, reorder into groups etc.
Few minutes delay depending on bandwidth.
Pt England - Reading, Writing, Maths, Inquiry, Srudent Blogs, Blog Comments, Picasa, Picasa Preview
Draft blog posts also show.
Can filter up tolast 25 comments - who, when
No printer drivers on student laptops (like Mathletics on speed) - include screenshots of progress go into picasa. Picasa preview shows thumbnails of photos students have uploaded.
Gmail - overview of emails sent and received - can view trash - very big brother
Use NSN/enrolment number (or unique number generated by google) in email so it can take them from preschool, primary and college when it's gifted to the student when they leave.
Administrator can't click on documents unless you are willing to received emails for every document from every student.
Parent access available shortly similar to parent portal.
Documents are automatically shared if created when inside one of the areas eg maths.
Pt England has gone mostly paperless - no stationery bill, school supplies a scrapbook. Parents pay $15 per month for netbooks.
At BBI students can bring own device. PC devices only have access to wireless but Macs do.
Pt England - netbooks only have access to wireless, not school network.
$4 per student per year for teacher dashboard
Can log problems at the bottom of the screen - very fast turnaround.
Blogs are created manually - Dorothy makes one blog with settings, widgets etc. Go into edit html - download and create xml file. After that create individual blogs blank, edit design, upload xml file. Still needs some customisation. Lenva does the same with google sites used as e-Portfolios. Automatically assigns to students when created.
Can upload files simply for storage eg iMovie even though they can't be played.
Dashboard has to be up on the screen at times during the year - so they quietly see that you do monitor what is going on or not happening. Teacher doesn't even need to say anything!
GOYA - get off your ass!
At Pt England - mainly using from Year 5 but younger levels will be next. Plans to make teacher dashboard more image based as time and finance allows. Junior students could just click on their photo!
Parent confidence with supervised email is good. Used for learning purpose. Digital citizenship.