Monday, June 21, 2010

Edtalk: Joan Dalton

I am a huge fan of Joan Dalton and David Anderson. I've been lucky enough to attend a ULearn pre-conference workshop for facilitators run by them both a few years back and then in 2007 I spent a week with them on the Facilitating Highly Effective Professional Learning workshop (FHEPL) in Hamilton. It was a transformational experience and I would recommend it to anyone interested in facilitation. I was really excited today to find that Joan Dalton has an Edtalk on the topic 'Conversations for improving and transforming learning'. One phrase that resonated for me was "What you say is who you are". I think this is accurate and is also a very important point for facilitators/teachers to be aware of. The language we use with learners can send unintentional messages to them and they're not always positive! This is something I am improving on but need to keep in my consciousness otherwise I find myself slipping into old habits!