Tuesday, February 16, 2010

National Standards

I've been working on setting up numeracy and literacy graphs as part of reporting to parents based on examples provided on the National Standards documenation. Some of the graph examples provided were very good but unfortunately they were only available in PDF so I started from scratch in Excel (with a lot of help from my husband). Here is what we have come up with so far for numeracy. Eventually we hope that assessment data from our student management system (eTap) will feed directly into our student e-Portfolios (in KnowledgeNet). In the meantime each student will have one of these graphs which will be updated by the teacher at the beginning and end of each year and then loaded manually into e-Portfolios.

Teachers enter the student name and the relevant numeracy stage/reading age into the cell. The graphs does its job to look something like this.

I would be very interested to to hear about or see examples of what other schools are doing?


Jo Fothergill said...

This looks interesting - i've forwarded the link on to my principal, DP and AP for their information.

Karen Melhuish said...

This is interesting, Belinda. Thanks for sharing.
What is the thinking around the 'at/above/below' scale in terms of how students will respond when it appears in their portfolios? Is the graph stand-alone in the students' portfolios or is it supported by goals, next steps? What I am driving at is how does the school support the students to feel confident and valued if they have a graph that shows they are not at standard? I would love to discuss this further as I suspect there are lots of schools exploring how to use the data.

Jamin Lietze said...

Hi Belinda

It was great to meet up with you at Learning@Schools 2010. Thank you for being so open about your ePortfolio journey and sharing this resource with me. I do hope we can continue to work together :+)


Belinda said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. It's still early days with National Standards and I'm sure our thinking will continue to change over time. Data is added to the numeracy graph (stage) and reading graph (reading age) at the beginning and end of each year. It is inserted into the e-Portfolios into the area with the student's current reading goal along with reflections, teacher feedback/feedforward and uploaded evidence.