Saturday, January 30, 2010

Holiday Reading

I've been catching up on my reading including RSS Feeds but I have a long way to go still! A couple of tools have caught my fancy:

Google Squared
This has been mentioned on quite a few blogs recently and looks pretty cool. I've played around searching for various key words and think it's a great educational/research tool especially for teachers and middle/upper primary students. Here is a screen shot of a search for 'planets' - the planets are displayed in grid with columns for comparing information. You can add as many columns as you like choosing from the drop down menu or adding your own. I added temperature and satellites. Love it!

I read about this on AllanahK's Blog. If you want to upload a PDF for other to read online this tool allows you to display it like a book. Once embedded, readers are able to view it full screen and turn the pages - just like a real book. A user friendly and fun alternative to having to download the document to your desktop before being able to open and read.

This one is really useful for ICT lead teachers in particular! If you're anything like me, as soon as people in your professional and/or personal life find out you know anything about computers they start asking you to help them out with their technical woes! If you log into this site it gives you a URL to pass onto those needing help. With the click of a button the user can make a screen cast (video) showing the problem on their computer screen including audio if they have a microphone. The screen cast is then emailed back to you (the helper) so you can work out what the issue is and give the appropriate advice. Here's a demo to give you a better idea of how it works (under 2 minutes):