Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's good to be back

I've been a bit slow with the blogging recently. We had our cluster expo day in the last school holidays in July. It was a frantic two weeks beforehand preparing everything for the big day then straight into Term 3 for another frantic 10 weeks. It was a difficult term, not helped by the dreaded lurgy, but I'm now feeling much more refreshed and ready for Term 4!

Back to the cluster expo day for a bit. This was the first expo day I had organised entirely myself as the previous one was held at Sky City last year. It was a lot more work but cost a lot less so it was worth it. I had heaps of helpers too - KA and most of the ICT Lead Teachers gave up their own time and holidays to get all the jobs done from my ever increasing list!

We had two awesome keynote speakers, Rachel Boyd and Suzie Vesper, as well as more than 30 workshops for teachers to choose from. The feedback from the 120 or so attendees was overhwhelming positive and the increased interest and motivation of teachers was obvious throughout the term. There were several things I would do differently next time including longer workshops. We only had 3 x 45 minute workshops and they should probably have been a minimum of 60-90 minutes each. Some teachers did comment that it was a long day, especially being held in the holidays as it was 8:30 to 4:30pm. Personally I didn't think it was too long but I guess you can never please everyone!

The expo wiki has many links and presentations uploaded by presenters so check it out for yourself!

On 20 October we have the whole cluster share afternoon so stay tuned to hear how it went!

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