Saturday, June 13, 2009


Last Wednesday we had an all day ICT Lead Teacher workshop for our cluster. There were 14 lead teachers present which is almost everyone. In all honesty, it was a huge amount of work to organise the day as they are quite a diverse bunch of learners (as with all adult learners) and I spent around two full days planning and creating resources etc. The good news is it was worth it based on my own gut feel but also going from verbal feedback and by blog postings/reflections (used instead of an online survey). It seems the main reason for the positive responses was mainly due to the number of online resources the lead teachers had a chance to play with and hear about being used in the classroom. This happened in several ways:

* each participant brought along one ICT idea/website/resource to share in "donut news" style
* lead teachers worked in several different varieties of groupings to analyse and report back on a variety of websites/resources/web2.0 tools using both their classroom teacher and e-Learning facilitator hats

We also used one session to work on difficulties teachers complained of in our cluster survey recently. Each group came up with some possible solutions and posted on a Wallwisher page. This is a resource I first heard about from Manaiakalani so thanks!

Here's a link to the programme for the day if you are interested.

It's going to be a hard act to follow in Term 3 but I'm already making plans ...


Manaiakalani said...

Congratulations Belinda - I have just spent an hour trawling through your workshop and I have learned heaps. I can't believe you put that together in 2 days. They must have been 24 hour days. You provided a very stimulating learning experience for your LTs.

Belinda said...

I'm off to bed with a big grin on my face after reading your posting so many thanks for the pat on the back!