Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Job Vacancy

Check out the latest posting on Manaiakalani - an advertisement for a class teacher made by the kids! But we warned, you may be tempted to apply ....

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Manaiakalani said...

Thanks very much for reposting their advert. They are a fantastic bunch of kids. We are so pleased that the Web 2 by-line invented by our students in 2005 with KPE, "Let Our Voice be Heard", has led them to understand that they could have an effective voice in this process. They only need ONE good applicant! It will be very interesting to see if having some feeling of ownership of the application process will lead them to take responsibility for helping the new teacher find his/her feet - because it is never completely easy for a new teacher to walk into a class halfway through their school year :)
I like your suggestion about them posting a follow-up advert. Here's hoping the new teacher will let them do that!