Friday, May 22, 2009

I was recently reminded of while catching up on RSS feeds tonight (trying to avoid watching the Hurricanes lose AGAIN). Jacqui Sharp mentioned it on her blog post on ICT Teaching and Learning today.

Even though I am a Mac user and have heaps of cool photo editing tools at my finger tips, uploading photos to is still cool fun with even more options to play around with!

In just a few seconds it's easy to upload a photo, cartoonize it (just one click) and then save onto your desktop (one more click). Other editing options are Warholizer, Charcola, Patriotic, Inkify, Line Atropia, Stenciler, Sunburst and Scribbler.

Jacqui outlines the steps to use this tool to make a comic in MS Word. ComicLife is even better but unfortunately it doesn't come free on Macs anymore.

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