Saturday, April 18, 2009

How do you know who's got talent?

I've spoken and blogged about Britain's Got Talent before. In 2008 Andrew Johnston caused a sensation with his incredible singing. Here's the clip again for those who missed it.

It brings tears to my eyes everytime I watch it - both as a mother and a teacher. Listening to his story about bullying and then hearing his amazing voice is inspiring for all of us. Andrew didn't win the competition but looking at the clips from his subsequent performances you can see his confidence and self esteem increasing seemingly before our eyes.

Susan Boyle is the latest sensation on Britain's Got Talent 2009. She is 47, single and not what you would expect in anyway!

I've watched this a few times now and still get goosebumps. The look on the faces of the judges and audience is priceless. Like me, they had put her in a pigeon hole before she even started singing and wow were we wrong!

I can't help but think about what this means for those of us who are teachers. We are so busy trying to fit in the basic curriculum and all that entails - how on earth do we find the time to let our students show us what they are capable of when given the opportunity? I don't think either of these two BGT contestants were given that chance at school and I think that's possibly the norm for those students who aren't confident and don't like to stand out from the crowd.

I wonder how many potential NZGT contestants I have taught without realising?

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Manaiakalani said...

Sadly there are too many stories like this, and have been over time though. There is no escaping that if you really want to know your students you have to spend more time with them; from the simple things like unlocking the classroom door early before school and having quality conversations with them, to getting out in the playground with them, run extra curricula activities etc. And of course reading their blogs often gives a clue too :)
Love the new look blog. Noticed that you contribute to a number of blogs. No way should you be called a Bashful Blogger!